Micro Needling



We carry the Evo Micropen from Salient Medical. This device has 14 micro needles at varying depths (research other spas and what they offer…10 needles? 12?)

The perfect candidate for microneedling is someone with advanced aging, advanced scarring or advanced acne scars needling treatment, 22 years or older. Microneedling is made to be less painful by numbing the treatment area 45 and then again 20 mins prior to treatment.

Clients have reported it feeling more like an abrasive sandpaper rubbing against the skin. Post treatment feels more like a wind burn (similar to that feeling of an advanced Chemical Peel). It is recommended to get this treatment at least 4 days prior to any big event and takes upwards of seven days to see more dramatic results. Six treatments for severe cases is highly recommended but one treatment will yield results. Results continue to improve over six months.

This is offered for $275 a session and sessions should be spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.

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