Are you stuck at home safe and sound like I am? You may or may not have a lot of time on your hands. I am surprisingly still keeping busy taking new courses, training and being involved in many webinars. I LOVE EDUCATION. And here is my tip for the day, week, MONTH! Take care of your face!! This is the first thing people see whether we like it or not. I know we are all in isolation which gives us all the perfect opportunity to get into a healthy skin care regime.

Are you lazy like me when it comes to skin care? Yes, I am lazy and I have to force myself to wash my face at night. I forget a lot and pay for it for a week after. So not worth it.

Now is the best time to figure out your skin type and get the RIGHT products for you!

First off, YES YOU NEED TO WASH YOUR FACE TWO TIMES A DAY! Sorry! But if you want beautiful, flawless skin, you MUST listen to the professionals….moi! What is your favorite cleanser? I use only spa grade professional products on my skin because as most of you know, I like to consider myself a little test guinea pig. I have tried every shampoo, conditioner, mask, lotion, serum, cleanser, toner out there. I have lasered myself over and over and gone against the rules to see WHY those rules and procedures are in place. I test it and test it again. I love research. I love reading studies and doing my own studies and research. Science nerd up in here! Ok, so what do I use? I start off cleansing my skin GENTLY with CARA Pure Intense Oil-Free cleanser or Glyco-10 Exfoliating cleanser (if I have breakouts). Once or twice a week I will use a mask.

I use the PhytoMud Pore Minimizing mask on my T-Zone and Pumpkin Heat Exfoliating Mask on the rest of my face and neck. Because I give myself microdermabrasion treatments once a month, I do not exfoliate often as there is no need. If you do not get micro or chemical peels, YOU NEED TO EXFOLIATE! CARA has such a great exfoliator that I highly recommend. It is called the Multi-Active Scrub Foaming Exfoliant.

Once I clean off my mask I use the  CARA Pure Essence Sensitive Toner Mist and apply the CARA Platinum CC Anti-Age serum (the MACK DADDY of serums) or the CARA Amicelle Anti-line serum. I also never ever ever everrrrrrrr forget eye serum. My family is blessed with dark circles and lots and lots of crows feet. Thank you genetics. So I use the CARA Revive Eye Gel. I can then apply my make up. I wear a tinted BB cream from Rodan and Fields, eye shadow and mascara. Pro tip #87689 DO NOT OVERDO YOUR SKIN CARE REGIME. You do not need to cleanse 6 times a day and exfoliate daily. Listen carefully to all the instructions a professional gives. We will NEVER tell you to overdo your routine.

If you have any questions on how to set up your own skin care regime, You can visit The Laser Room of Sherwood Park. I can do online consults and assessments with you. Just text me at 780-905-6003 and I am happy to help you out and can deliver product to your doorstep. Doesn’t get easier than this. I will post a pic of the products I use for your viewing pleasure.

Stay healthy beautiful people!