1. How many sessions does it take?

Laser Hair Removal, it takes a MINIMUM of 6 sessions.

– Acne laser treatments require up to 10 treatments.

– Clearlift Laser facials require 5 treatments

– Thermoclear pigmentation treatments require minimum 2 treatments

– Facials are something that should be done monthly. YES, MONTHLY. Your skin deserves it and so do you.

– Microdermabrasion treatments require seasonal treatments (every 3 to 4 months)

– Chemical Peels can be done every 2 months to seasonally

– Tattoo Removal treatments are needed every six to eight weeks and require a minimum of 3 treatments.

2. How long do I wait between laser hair removal treatments?

– Four to five weeks for all areas except the legs. Legs are every 8 weeks and do not require as many treatments.

3. How long do I wait between clearlift treatments?

– You must wait 2 weeks although it takes 21 full days to see full results from this treatment.

4. What are your prices?

– See the new pricing structure attached or click on Prices.

5. Does it hurt?

– Most treatments we offer are completely painless. Tattoo removal is by far the most painful but we do supply numbing cream and it is highly recommended to apply your own numbing cream 45 mins and again 20 mins prior to your treatment.

6. How long does it take?

Vague right? I get it all the time. You will be shocked at how fast laser sessions are. I tell everyone it takes you longer to drive here than it takes me to deliver the treatment. I chose the high-end equipment because of the speed and effectiveness of each treatment. Ex: lip hair removal takes seconds. The full leg is anywhere from 40 min to one hour.

7. Can you laser _______ (insert body part)?

– We can laser everything but your eyes. We cannot laser eyelids or shape your brows. It is not safe and we will not take that risk.

8. Are you certified?

– Trained? Insured? Yes, yes, and YES! We strongly believe in continued and advanced education and are fully insured. Carrie and I have both attended fully accredited and licensed schools to obtain our training. Also when you purchase a new laser machine, a nurse or doctor trains you on the particular machine. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK THIS QUESTION. You will be surprised how many people operate under the radar, illegally. We keep a binder of all certifications, licenses, and insurance at the business and on a computer file.

9. How do you book a treatment?

– That’s easy. I have an online booking portal that is called Fresha. You can book through the website, IG, FB, or even if you are on Google. You can also text or call the business line at 780-905-6003.

10. What kind of facials do you offer?

– We cater each facial to your individual concerns. We do not offer cookie-cutter treatments here. We also expect if you come for a facial, you obviously care about the biggest organ on your body, your skin, and are open to a more holistic approach to skincare. We do not do just one facial here. This is not a resort spa. We try looking at all aspects of your life and actually work with you to achieve the skin you deserve. EVERYONE needs more than one facial a year.

11. Is maskne real?

– Yes, sadly it is and since the pandemic, we are not busier than ever with acne treatments. We always cater our plans to what you need, again, not a cookie-cutter approach. We offer spot treatment laser treatments, half face and full face laser. We have also been seeing incredible results with dermaplaning and peels and combining clearlift laser with microdermabrasion. We offer packages on all services.

12. Do I have to purchase all treatments upfront?

– NO! We conveniently offer pay-per-treatment or packages which can be purchased in advance.

13. Since we are in a Pandemic, has your cleaning protocol changed?

– Yes, it has for everyone in the personal services industry. For us at The Laser Room of Sherwood Park, we have already been using these protocols, long before they came AHS guidelines. Some extra precautions we take:

  • Stagger clients, so there is no overlap within the facility
  • No more than one person in the room at a time
  • Disinfection period between all clients with enhanced cleaning, always changing all linens and towels, clean all surfaces and then disinfect
  • Use gloves and masks with all clients. Clients must also wear masks.
  • All clients complete a covid-19 form prior to treatment
  • No inside shoes to be worn in the room
  • Change our clothes upon entering the building, change throughout the day and change into regular clothing at the end of shift.
  • Use only top-of-the-line cleaner, disinfectant, and sanitizer. Even our hand soap is hospital grade. No dollar store no name cleaners here ladies and gents.

14. Because your technically a med-spa, do people tip? (Such an embarrassing question for some)

– We do actually get this almost every day we work. While tips are NOT mandatory, they are greatly appreciated. Like a server, bartender, nail tech, massage therapist, or hairstylist, we are still giving a service. We would never hold it against you if you do not tip. But if you do, we do a little happy dance. Lol. Most people in the service industry do not make much money as we only get paid when a client is on the table. So while some days we make a lot, others we make nothing. Also, cash tips are wonderful because we pay fees on carded tips and added onto salary.

15. Where are you located?

– We are located inside Float Wellness along with other small businesses. Most small business is shifting in this direction now because the costs of running a business have substantially increased. Rent in Sherwood Park is between 5 and 10k a month. That is a lot of lasers…our address is #108-111 Broadway Blvd, Sherwood Park, in a building called Liberty Place. It is beside Windsor Plywood.

16. What products do you use there?

– Two products lines. One is a local company called Cara we absolutely love for the ingredient list. It was created by Inge Patton over 35 years ago. Most are natural and sold separately so we can cater each service to you. The second and the top seller is called Repechage. It is a 40-year-old company owned by Lydia Safari who also owns over 35 spas around the world, still teaches esthetics, writes books, and stars in several magazines.