Hello everyone! Today I wanted to tell you all about two NEW services we have available here at The Laser Room of Sherwood Park, Dermaplaning & Derma Needling! Dermaplaning and Derma Needling are two treatments that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and lead to glowing, healthier skin. But what is the difference between the two? And how does a person know which is the right choice?


Is a deep manual exfoliation that removes the outermost layer of skin cells. It leaves skin feeling smooth, supple, and vibrant. The technique of controlled scraping using a #10 scalpel and a #3 stainless steel surgical blade handle. This procedure can be performed alone or with other exfoliation treatments like chemical peels or derma needling. Oh, and say goodbye to all that peach fuzz! While at the same time removes fine vellus facial hair (tiny translucent or blonde hair) that can hold onto dirt and oil.

But if you are blading my face won’t my hair grow back darker and thicker? 

Never! It’s impossible for vellus hair to grow back darker or thicker. It will always grow back the same way.

Who is dermaplaning for? 

All skin types can benefit from dermaplaning with the exception of acne (mild to moderate (grade 1 and 2) is fine, can work around) and overproduction of oil which can lead to more acne bacteria causing more breakouts.

What can dermaplaning do for you? 

We all know it can remove unwanted facial hair, leaving the skin super soft your makeup with go on the skin so smoothly and blend to perfection. Dry skin types will love this treatment, leaving dull flaky skin supple and glowing. Overtime can help to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Can help with acne (grades 1 and 2), superficial acne scarring, and comedones (black and whiteheads). Yes! Those bad boys pop right out.

Contraindications: Bruised skin – Those undergoing cancer treatments – Epilepsy – Non controlled diabetes – Hemophilia – Cold sours or fever blisters – Excessive erythema (redness) – Sunburned skin – Lupus – Rash -Moles (can work around) – Skin tags (can work around) – Warts (will not workaround. Cannot be treated on) – Psoriasis – Seborrhea – Excema – Accutane – Coumadin or other blood thinners – Dermatitis – Retin – A/Retinal/Vitamin C (stop using 48 hours before and 4 to 7 days after treatment)


Derma Needling:

Or also known as collagen induction therapy. Derma Needling creates channels in the dermis which stimulate the body’s natural defense to repair its self by creating a controlled wound response in the skin producing collagen and growth factors. Within minutes these channels close and the healing begins, so very little to no downtime, unlike other ablative treatments. Fibroblasts go to the point of injury and form into collagen fibers resulting in increased strength and elasticity. New collagen production fills depressed scars and wrinkles from the bottom lifting the depressions to even out the skin’s surface aiding of aging skin, surgical or acne scarring, and hyperpigmentation.

Who is derma needling for? 

Everyone can benefit from derma needling helping to slow down the aging process, keeping skin looking and feeling young and supple. Acne pigment skin and also clients who are more sensitive to other treatments like chemical peels or lasers where oftentimes can have inflammatory reactions causing flaking or peeling for 5 to 7 days resulting in downtime. No seasonal stops. Effective in all areas of the body: face, hands, chest, neck, knees, stomach, elbows, and thighs.

What can derma needling do for you? 

Skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, surgical scars, hypo/hyperpigmentation, melasma, enlarged pores, stretch marks, and cellulite. Can even help to promote hair growth for fine thinning hair.

Does it hurt? 

Not at all! We do numb the skin for 45 minutes before treatment so you do not feel any discomfort at all.

How many treatments will you need?

To further boost the production of collagen we recommend the use of vitamin A product for approximately 2 weeks before and stopping 24 hours before their initial treatment.

Avoid sun exposure including tanning beds 48 hours before treatment. Also stopping the use of any Retin A Retinal’s or glycolic acid 48 hours before and 5 to 7 days after treatment.

Absolute contraindications: Keloid scaring – Active bacterial or fungal infection – Active acne (grade 1 and 2 fine, cannot work on grades 3 and 4) – Active cold sores – New scar tissue less than 6 months old – Rosacea – Blood clotting problems – Cardio vascular disease – Immunosuppression – Cardio abnormalities – Excessive – broken capillaries – Scleroderma – Sunburned skin

Contraindications: Diabetes – Eczema – Psoriasis – Raised scars – Higher Fitzpatrick IV-VI – Botox (at least 2 weeks) – Fillers (3 months)

We are so excited to have you try these new service options! You can make an appointment for a FREE consultation to find out which procedure is right for you!

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