I have hired a new amazing clinical esthetician, Carrie!! We have been working very hard training to ensure you all get the exact same level of care that I would provide. Once Carrie is successfully trained by ALMA and THERMOCLEAR lasers, we will be doing some intensive training in the house. Why am I even sharing this with you? Because I want to ensure all my amazing 500+ clients (and growing every week) that you will be cared for and will get consistent treatment with both of us. This is of the utmost importance to me. Customer service has always been a priority to me. You are not just another client to me. Some of you have become friends and I care about EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. Why? YOU have all helped me to live out this crazy dream of owning a state of the art, relaxing laser spa/clinic. Without YOU, I will not be here. You allow me to come to the wellness center every day (5 to 6 days a week) and help people achieve their desired results. I am so very grateful for you. With that being said, I will not allow anyone to work for me that does not feel the same about customer care. 70+ resumes screened through and 17 interviews later and I snagged the best of the best. I am providing Carrie with more training than I ever had in any spa/clinic. Why? It was so stressful and nerve racking to teach myself how to be great. And since you are all so important to me, I want to make sure you all can leave The Laser Room and think, wow, yeah, that was pretty great. I also appreciate feedback and reviews. You can always check out the reviews on FB and through Google. If you would like to review us, please do so. I always love the care, kindness, and support. Carrie is currently taking new clients! Please book your next appointment with our new clinical esthetician and you will see for yourself why I hired her.