Skin type: Combo. Oily T-zone/normal.

Skin condition: Hormonal acne, large pores, black/whiteheads.


  • Hydra Dew gentle cleansing moose
  • Hydra Medic astringent
  • Hydra Dew nourishing gel cream (when feeling oily and congested)
  • Hydra Dew moisturizing day cream (when feeling dry)


  • Hydra Dew gentle cleaning moose
  • Hydra Dew smoothing toner spray
  • Hydra Medic Glyco-sea Beta Hydroxy serum (3 x a week)
  • Hydra Medic clear complexion drying lotion (spot treatment for stubborn breakouts)
  • Hydra dew moisturizing cream


  • Hydra Medic sea mud perfecting mask (when feeling oily and congested)
  • Hydra Dew illuminating cream mask (when feeling dry and dehydrated)