Hello! Hope everyone is having a wonderfully isolated day. I want to start by saying please forgive me, this is my first blog…ever. But I am into trying new things and stepping out of my comfort zone. I wanted to blog about the videos I will be sharing with you, give a little more info and add some personal experience.

I get the question almost every day. What is the difference between your facials? Well, a lot! I say we have levels of facials here from beginner (basic) spa facials using spa-grade products to non-ablative laser facelift facials. Our most common facial by far is the microdermabrasion. I give myself a micro every month to two months. Why? I do not have to wear much makeup, my skin is smoother, more clear and feels brand new after every treatment. The most important benefit of micro for me is that it keeps my rosacea at bay and evens out my VERY uneven skin tone. I was not blessed with perfect, even skin. I struggled into my 30’s with redness, inflammation and adult acne.

No, doing a micro on myself is not ideal but the results are the same. Just less relaxing.

A chemical peel is my least favorite spa service to give and receive. Bottom line, it works but it is painful during treatment and the snake skin peel look is not my favorite. That being said, we do have a good clientele that get peels religiously and they look amazing. We offer 3 levels of peels for acne, pigmentation, and anti-aging but people with over sensitive skin should not get this treatment. A chemical exfoliation takes a little longer to work but results seem to last longer with this procedure.

What I love about both treatments is that they are affordable! We always have specials going on including our deal right now during this pandemic. We get people are scared to spend money. But one day in the near future, we will all be back at work and in need of some serious TLC. At home peels and micros just do not work as well as the spa-grade products. Right now you can get free microdermabrasion and 8 sessions of laser hair removal. Check out our deals online.

Take care and stay healthy!