Ugh, I really dislike even discussing this and hate that I even have to bring it up. But, in this spa industry, it has such a big impact on employees, business owners and other clients.

I started my business in 2018. For the most part, there is no issue at all with clients arriving on time for appointments and giving notice for cancelling or rescheduling. I am sad to write that there are some that have ruined it for the rest of the class. Why does this have such an impact on business?.

1. Everyone in the laser, spa, massage, chiro, wellness industry get paid solely if they have clients. If a client no shows for example, the business does not get paid and for most spas, the commission staff will then not get paid.

2. It is almost impossible to fill an appointment spot when someone gives last minute or no notice they are not going to attend the appointment.

3. Other clients are missing out because that is a time they wanted but could not get

4. Spas book appointments in 15 min increments. If you run late to an appointment, you risk not being able to get the entire service or making the staff late for all remaining appointments. We want all clients to be happy and not have to wait, despite them arriving on time. Just like we want you to be on time for your appointment, we truly value your time and do not want to be late to your session either.

The Laser Room of Sherwood Park has a cancellation policy in place that all clients must read and sign during the consultation process. If a client cancels within the 24 hour period or does not show up for scheduled appointment, there is an automatic charge that applies to the next session/treatment.

So please value our time and workplace like we value you. If you have never been here before, please come a few minutes early to complete the paperwork. If you know you will be late, please check in to see if there are clients after you. Most sought after appointments are evening and weekends and we only have breaks for sanitation between clients. If you know you cannot make the appointment, please let us know. You can text 780-905-6003, email [email protected] or call and leave a VM if it is after hours. You can also cancel and reschedule appointments online through the booking link. Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion and care.