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At The Laser Room, we have the backing of ALMA Lasers Inc. behind us with a team of Dermatologists, Registered Nurses, Dermacosmatologists (US), General Physicians, Estheticians, and Laser Technicians. We are certified, insured and fully trained to exceed your expectations.

Laser Hair Removal with Alma Harmony XL Pro

Extra small area $25
Small $36
Medium $57
Large $95
Extra Large $192

Spider Veins

$50/area (small)
This is NOT varicose vein therapy or treatment. Varicose veins cannot be lasered. Spider veins are smaller purple or darker blue/black in color and tend to be in smaller clusters. They are typically not raised from the skin.

ClearLift Laser Facial

This treatment is for melasma, rosacea, anti-aging, mature skin, extremely dry skin plus more. This treatment requires a minimum of 5 treatments and can be spaced between 2 weeks apart to months apart, depending on desired result.

Acne Laser Facial

This treatment is for mild, moderate or severe acne. It effectively kills all the bacteria in and around the cysts, preventing any further breakouts. This handpiece also helps with scarring. Safe for old scarring, present breakouts and prevention. Moderate to severe acne should follow a strict schedule of:
A) 1X/WK for 10 weeks or B)2X/WK for 5 weeks

Microdermabrasion Facial

$90 and is offered for only $45 if done with a laser facial treatment This treatment can help with dry skin, extremely dry skin, aging skin, pigmented skin, mature skin, sensitive skin and acne prone skin.
**Neck add on for any laser facial service $50
**Chest add on for any laser facial service $50

Laser Tatto Removal

Small $50
Medium $85
Large $100
Extra Large $150
Eight to ten sessions are required for this service and are to be spaced 6-8 weeks apart. It is highly recommended to numb the area 45 mins prior to your appointment. 5% or more Lidocaine recommended.

Peels and Facials

Chemical Peel $72
Facial $70

Areas Defined for Hair Removal

Areas Defined for Laser Hair Removal:
Extra Small: Unibrow, upper or lower lip Small: chin, sideburn, front or back of neck, bikini line, underarm, treasure trail, areolas, beard (cheeks) Medium: Half face, extended bikini, front lower arm, front lower or upper leg, shoulder or abdomen Large: Full face, half back, full arm, half leg, chest, Brazilian, manzilian, buttocks Extra Large: Full back, full legs, chest and abdomen.

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The Laser Room of Sherwood Park is conveniently located in Float Wellness! Our new location offers more spacious service areas and more convenience and flexibility for booking times.  

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