When I share with people what I do for a living, the first thing people ask (men and women both ask this): So, do you laser vaginas (other terms have been used) all day? It makes me laugh every time. No, that is not the only part of my job. Although I am known for being the only spa in the entire Edmonton and area that will laser men, women, transgender or unspecified genders. We do not judge and we are 110% professional and confidential when it comes to all of our procedures we offer. We even try to schedule appointments 10 to 15 mins apart so clients do not even have to see each other upon arrival or departure of their treatment. I still do not know and do not understand why other spas refuse to work on men and trans clients. They are all one in the same to me in regards to the procedure.

A Brazilian is not much different on any gender. It is full removal of hair in the genital region. No one should be judged on how much or little hair they have or want. When I first started laser I walked door to door handing out flyers. One amazing soul happened to become a great client and friend of mine. They were transitioning and were very scared about hair removal. They had been turned away by so many other people until we met. I am so happy to report that they are hair free and have the results they desired for years. Yay! I ended up getting known for being completely unbiased and non-judgemental and all genders were coming from all over AB, SK, BC to get laser services by me. That brought me to tears. It made me so proud to be that person.

Ok, ok, enough with the emotional stuff. Let’s get down and dirty. What is it REALLY like? I use two methods to do laser hair removal. The in-motion technique is painless. Yes, for real. That method can only be used on medium to large areas. The other method is called stamping. Depending on your tolerance and skin sensitivity, it is a 2 to 5 out of 10 on the pain scale. Some have said it is a 10. I simply do not believe that as I have had several surgeries and even those are not a 10 on my pain scale. Lol. You can take a pain reliever an hour prior to the session but it is not necessary at all. Some people use a numbing cream, also not necessary. I use a gel to act as a barrier between the skin and the laser. Once I start the laser, the sessions range from 2 minutes to a couple of hours.

We are known at the Laser Room for doing full body laser so that takes time. A 6”4 male weighing over 230lbs takes approx. 2 hrs for full body laser. A small female that is around 5’4” and 120lbs will be half that time. Common misconceptions I will debunk for you right now: no, your skin is not all red and nasty after. No one will know you had laser done. Yes, your hair will eventually stop growing UNLESS you have excessive hormones, a hormonal imbalance or are on hormones or steroids for working out. I will not laser you if you are pregnant. Sorry, not willing to risk it. And yes, we can laser every single body part except your eyes. After the session, you cannot feel any effects of the session. You leave feeling the same as you did when you entered our wonderful establishment.

Text me if you have any other questions!