OLA! Bonjour! Hello! I hope you are all holding up well. I am still isolating and trying not to go crazy. Wine helps! I still believe that doctor that said a glass of wine a day keeps the doc away.

Anyways, lol, I will share a little about me with you. I was born in a small oil town in Northern Alberta. Some of you may have heard of it. Fort McMurray. Yes! Born and raised by two Newfies in Ft Mac. Yessssss bye! Not sure if anyone understood that! Hahahah! My dad went to Ft Mac in the 80’s for a quick buck. Little did he know, 30 years later, he would still be there and be known to almost everyone in that small oil town. He was the General Manager of a huge company and owned a couple of side businesses as well. To say he was successful was an understatement. I grew up watching him. Learning from him.

His work ethic was like no other. He did not take sick time. He gave 120% at his business ventures and his job. My hero. He suddenly passed from a genetic heart condition in 2010. At the time of his passing, I was a Peace officer doing traffic enforcement for the Alberta Government. Liiiiiitle different from what I am up to now. Lol. My mind completely shifted focus after my father passed. I started really thinking about my life and soul searching. I knew I was meant to be more. My dad always told me I would own my own business one day. HA! I would laugh. I didn’t think I had it in me. Then the craziest thing happened. I became pregnant! Within months after my fathers passing and being told since I was about 15 that I could never have children, I was pregnant.

Well, that shifted my focus even more. I am blessed with an amazing, smart and oh so beautiful 8 year old now. After my daughter was born, I decided to enhance my skillset and go back to school. I already had a Criminal Justice Diploma but I wanted more. I got certified as a Laser Practitioner and found my passion. I still remember my first month of work as a Laser Tech. I was so scared and nervous, but so excited at the same time. I found a career I absolutely loved.

Finally it was nice to work somewhere where you were not called names, attacked, lied to and sworn at lol. Between my employment as a registry agent at a Vehicle License and Registry and as a Peace Officer, I learned a lot of swear words in many languages and how to tolerate difficult people. So, after several surgeries, life-changing events, so many ups and downs, here I am. I opened up my own little business on October 2018 with my dad whispering in my ear every day, letting me know I can do this and I am not alone. Every day is an amazing day when I can get up and go to work. I love meeting new people, making friends, building long lasting relationships and helping people achieve their goals. I may be a little bit of a counsellor in our sessions too so do not worry about talking (or not) during our sessions. I enjoy quiet as well so just let me know if you too like quiet.

Hope that did not bore you to death! I look forward to seeing you again or if your are new here, meeting you real soon.

Ps: I love hugs so this isolation is making me coo-coo!!

Stay Healthy!

Your Laser Tech, Lisa