We have all seen them. I don’t know about you but those ads flood my social media EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Now, having a scientific mind, I love to research the poop out of things. So, likely I am going to research these cute little portable miracles.

First off, I am NOT a research scientist for any laser company. I just love to know as much about lasers as humanly possible because this is my life. LOL. After doing some digging, I found, there is not much research out there on these machines. I asked myself everytime an ad popped up claiming to rid me of unwanted hair forever, HOW?? And if so, why isnt the entire world hairless wonders? Scientifically it is impossible to fit the laser technology into a tiny, portable, hand held device AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. The cost of my laser is more than people pay for their first home, Why? Lasers are expensive. The technology and parts to make them work properly is expensive. The cost to operate, maintain and repair these machines is very expensive. The science behind how to get great results has been researched for over twenty years.

What are you getting for 4k? Yes, you can buy this cute little doomahickey from Costco. But in my professional opinion, only a trained professional should be operating a laser device. Otherwise, anyone could go buy lasers and zap people all day long. We require training because lasers are scary and there is a lot of physics behind how they work and why.

My advice? Save your 4k and spend $550 to get a professionally trained Laser Hair Removal Technician to do the hard work for you!